Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Filing Suit Over Health Care Bill Won't Work

Will Bardwell concludes that this is an absurd dispute. I find myself agreeing with him on the fact that a lawsuit isn't going anywhere.

Dear Representative Harper:

I urge you to contact Governor Haley Barbour and demand a special session of the State Legislature for the express purpose of passing a resolution or bill nullifying any Federal Legislation on Health Care in our state. The Leadership in Washington has continuously ignored the faxes, phone calls, and letters of the majority of the American People who are against Government Health Care and the requirements or mandates in the House Health Care Bill.

No longer does our President and Congress listen to We the People. They constantly ignore the Constitutional Rights of the people and the states. Our Constitution was written to restrict the powers of the Federal Government not to make it an all powerful Central Government. We as citizens have rights and states have sovereign rights under the Tenth Amendment. Unless we are willing to exercise these rights they will be lost forever.

Thomas Jefferson stated "When the people fear the government it is tyranny and when the government fears the people it is freedom." We as a country are entering a period where the central government is acting in a tyrannical fashion.

Nullification has worked recently with respect to the Real ID Card and Medical Marijuana. Over a dozen states do not recognize the Federal Government's authority in one or both of these issues. Our freedom of choice in health care is much more important than any of the above mentioned issues.

I hope you will take a stand with the American People, not as a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent but as an American who is committed to the Principles put forth by the Founders in the United States Constitution.


Raleigh , MS

I think that this citizen is correct, and if our state is to do anything about this health care bill and other federal legislation, nullification is the answer. But nullification is often misunderstood. Gary Barnett sums up the issue of nullification better than I can.

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