Thursday, March 25, 2010

Government Prevents Monopolies

unless you're talking about cable, power, water, sewer. I've yet to meet someone happy with Comcast's cable service. We have no alternative to Entergy providing our power; they even buy advertisements on television. Why do you need to advertise when you have NO COMPETITION? All this does is increase our rates, which the government so graciously moderates...yeah right.

If you live in Jackson, you've experienced the city's competency regarding the water fiasco this Winter. But they have to have a consolidated water system to promote efficiency, right? How efficient was your water service in January?


  1. Sounds like we need to have a free market for these services.

  2. COMCAST is synonymous with Jackass. I hate them with all my guts.

    ENTERGY is comprised of a league of morons with only one goal in mind. FRAUD. I have a personal claim against those mind-numbingly retarded F%#ks at the moment that will surely result in me wishing that I could burn their entire company to the ground. I'm talking a U.N. binding resolution to stop me! Scorched Earth, MFer!!!!

    I wish that the government would just go ahead and skip all this healthcare crap, actually take over the "monopolized" utilities services and quit trying to dress up this socialist scam-job as a capitalist house pet.

    Viva La Revolucion!!