Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can There Be Separation of Blind Emotion and Policy Making?

The Mississippi Senate sent a bill to the governor that outlaws the use of nitrous oxide in vehicles on public highways and stiffens penalties for people who drag race on public streets.

Illogical bill here. Here's the Senate and House votes.

There is basically a formula for passing bills that make bad law and constituents feel good. Either a child, police officer, or other high profile death occurs. There are laws on the books that deal with the crime(s) committed that resulted in the death.

Because something bad wasn't prevented by the law, there is a need for a new law and stronger punishments. The reasoning seems to be that by strengthening the penalties for violating laws, the laws will no longer be broken and bad things will no longer happen.

Here is the background information.

Although the car being chased was equipped with nitrous oxide, there is no mention that nitrous was being used or that the car was racing. I guess that doesn't really matter when your lawmaking is absent of logic.

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