Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama’s Stimulus Plan is Working?

Time to Cut Costs


Obama's stimulus plan is working. This administration is making all the right choices. I just wish he was more of a liberal.

Mississippi Guesser:

Wow, I've never said any president's administration is making all the right choices.

Even Krugman says the stimulus's effect will peak during the middle of this year. Then we're headed down in a hurry.


So what I see is that President Obama gets no credit from you folks. Did yáll vote for George Bush? Twice? I thought so. History will judge but I think that Obama will prove to be one of our greatest Presidents. Expanded health care will pay off in the future. Reining in corporate America is necessary. Cap and trade will save our childrens future. Guantanimo is a national embarassment. The rest of the world believes that we are a good influence for the first time in years. The cold war superpowers are reducing nuclear arms. And other nations are willing to let the US take nuclear materials out of the hands of the terrorists. And he's only been in office for a little more than a year.

Obama's legacy will be profound. His policies will keep America competative. The corporations (and that is what the original tea party was about... google East India Tea Company) have been favored for too long. If Obama has a shortcoming, it is because he is too much of a centrist. He should do more.

Mississippi Guesser:

The U.S. national debt (12.8 trillion) is currently 89.6% of U.S. GDP (14.3trillion dollars). The government is taking in 3.1 trillion dollars in tax revenue right now and spending more than twice the amount it is taking in revenue. We are heading toward an economic collapse, and you are praising a health care program that in 10 years will help bring our debt to 20.3 trillion.

It's time to look beyond the seemingly good intentions of President Obama and understand what is happening to our economy. Even Paul Krugman, a Keynesian economist, is criticizing the fed chair Ben Bernanke, who is also a Keynesian economist. Krugman says we're in trouble, and the stimulus will peak in the middle of the year.

We have to cut our spending across the board. We're spending 684 billion on social security, 666 billion on defense/wars, and 768 billion on medicare/medicaid. Those are the biggest budget items. We have to stop spending and pay off this debt.

200px-Paul_Krugman-press_conference_Dec_07th,_2008-8 225px-Ben_Bernanke_official_portrait

Here’s the U.S. Debt Clock

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