Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Government Keeping Us Safe from…Ourselves.

Man charged after marijuana, moonshine seized

Starkville adopts helmet ordinance

Why are we so willing to give away our liberty?

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When all citizens can walk into an emergency department for any reason at the expense of the hospital and taxpayers, these kinds of policies, which can mitigate the expense of stupidity-in this case riding a bicycle without a helmet-- should be made. If uninsured joe blow student rides his bicycle to class without a helmet and is hit by a car, expenses will likely be far greater than if he has a helmet on.

Thanks to Starkville city leadership for setting this policy in place. As Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Your prevention of unsightly expense from helmet-less riders who are injured is worth far more than the cost of the cure for injuries from such an accident.
Your leadership is valued.

Mississippi Guesser:

If the driver of the car was at fault, wouldn't the driver be liable for the costs incurred by the injured bicyclist?

If Joe Blow is uninsured and not wearing his helmet and gets hit by a car, he is more likely to die and save others the costs of treating him.

What if someone walking gets hit by a car? Should we mandate that all pedestrians wear helmets?

This country was founded on individual responsibility and self-governance. Apparently these principles aren't important to you.

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