Monday, April 26, 2010

Clarion Ledger Comment of the Day

This is in response to news that FEMA is coming to Mississippi today. Some things about Mississippians can't be compiled into national rankings.

[Y]ou people discussing the intimate affairs of my people affected by this tragedy make me sick... people in choctaw county ain't waiting on a dang thing. we grabbed our chainsaws and went to work... mema and insurance adjusters were around yesterday, and they will handle the situation best they can im sure, but we together as a group of people were helping each other. thats who is responsible for rebuilding. churches, families, and individuals helping each other are the things i saw... liberals will always claim that the responsibility lies in the hands of goverement to meet our needs, wipe our butts, and tell us how to live our lives. in choctaw county we take care of ourselves... so if fema or obama or whomever never shows up, then so be it, because we are mississipians, and we know how to survive, and thats by helping each other and ourselves... ive been shocked by the comments of some of you that try to make everything a race issue and play that card. go back to new orleans


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