Friday, April 29, 2011

Jackson Government Moves Some Offices into Metrocenter–A Sign that Jackson is Resurging?


20 Year Deal Set by Ailing Metrocenter and City

My thoughts:

It's sad the people of Jackson think the government will save them and "rebuild" Jackson. All government can do is take from the producers and make malinvestments with their money. It has been very interesting watching the deterioration of the city over the last few decades.

The more people clamor for the government to do something, the faster the city sinks down and the faster the producers leave the city. Each time government steps in, like by occupying Metrocenter, this is not a victory for Jackson or a sign the city is making a resurgence. This is just further evidence that the city is dying and government is struggling to keep up its facade of benevolence.

Here’s an example of the blind faith in government:

There is always one thing for certain with some of you: Any mention of anything good happening in Jackson brings out all of the haters and naysayers. The same thing was said about the Medical Mall.

I, for one, am pleased with this decision, which will benefit a lot of people. Most of you who are responding are probably not from Jackson. You simply hate the thought of Jackson flourishing and taking its rightful position as the BEST OF THE NEW SOUTH. Mayor Johnson and the City Council should be applauded for any effort expended toward the revitalization of the City of Jackson.

For those of us who have chosen to remain and who love our City, we invite those of you who took the "flight out" to consider making Jackson your place of residence! Watch us as we continue to build and grow. The distance to that dream realization is much shorter than it has been. We will continue to revitalize, rejuvenate and renovate every lumpy bump in that MetroCenter Parking lot!

Goooooooo Jackson!!

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