Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

I had to reproduce this written by Shawn Stocker:

Though often known as an epicenter of European leftism, Barcelona itself is filled with a fiercely secessionist history and an anarchy-tinged past. See: Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia.” Even today one can sense the precipice upon which authority hangs, everywhere one can sense the minimal lack of respect for the State and its thugs; and there is often a whiff of administrative collapse, of anarchy, of freedom, in the air. (And I forgive the misguided syndicalist/socialist economics amongst the Catalan anarchists, the majority are truly nothing more than miseducated lovers of liberty)

Repressed by centralist Madrid since 1714, this formerly independent nation longs to reclaim its self-determination.

Yesterday the Spanish supreme court severely curtailed the Catalan Autonomy Statute, passed by referendum in 2006. Among other items, the statute defined Catalonia as a nation and recognized Catalan as the preferential public language.

I must say the whole city is outraged. And I don’t want to think what the provincials are saying (they’re even more anti-Spain than the leftist, Barcelona city slickers). Massive manifestations are being organized, a re-vote of the curtailed Statute called for, and outright votes for independence being pushed (over 300 municipalities have already held non-binding independence referendums in the past year, with the pro-secession vote averaging upwards of 90%).

Let’s see what happens. I, for one, am excited to see a popular uprising against the ever intruding central state.

Catalunya is unique in its history of being conquered and oppressed, its people and their fierce independent nature, and its economy as the major source of funds for the modern Spanish State’s socialist system. All of this forms an ideal hotbed of secessionist action.

While I do fear the influence of the insidious left upon all of these events, it is my opinion that any disintegration of the State is a positive and that any erosion of central power is a step ahead for human liberty. And, frankly, the vast majority of Catalans outside of Barcelona are still quite traditional and individualist, so these Barcelona “pijoprogres (progressive snobs)” aren’t too threatening.

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

The photo, by the way, is of some anarchist graffiti. Of course, I oppose the vandalization of private property, but this is a “municipally” owned news kiosk. Translation: “Prison is the State’s terror against those who combat its miseries.”


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  1. With all my respects, you state:

    "Repressed by centralist Madrid since 1714, this formerly independent nation longs to reclaim its self-determination."

    ¿Can you just name one, only one, historical document where it says or states that Catalonia was or has ever been an independent nation?

    Coz either after so many years of History research I am so ignorant, or you have never read a History book.

    That's why I want to know what year Catalonia was an independent nation, under what king or prime minister and all of that.

    I'm looking forward to hear that...