Tuesday, June 29, 2010

McDonald Decision Affirms Incorporation Doctrine – Gun Ownership is a Blessing Bestowed to Us by the Federal Government


Interesting blow against states’ rights. I don’t see the excitement over this decision. Laurence Vance basically sums it up:

The McDonald gun decision handed down yesterday by the Supreme Court, discussed by J.H. Huebert here and here, apparently won’t change any of NYC’s gun restrictions. The problem, of course, aside from the Court affirming the bogus incorporation doctrine, is the exceptions to the second amendment in this and the Heller decision.

Jackie Hilly, the Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (a gun-control group), is pleased with the decision. Says Hilly:

All the other amendments have reasonable restrictions on them. So I actually really like the Heller decision and the McDonald decision because they put the Second Amendment in the context of all the other amendments…people from the gun lobby like to promote the idea that you have an absolute or god-given right to possess a gun. That’s clearly not true; your right can be restricted.

Here's a link to the Laurence Vance article.

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